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Is there anything else?

What else happened on October 13, 2020 in addition to the big news, in a nutshell.

Oneplus founder leaves company: Carl Pei is to leave the manufacturer Oneplus, which he co-founded, as internal sources Techcrunch have confirmed. Accordingly, Pei wants to found his own company.

.eu registry put out to tender : The European Commission has put the registry for the .eu top-level domain out to tender . Commercial bidders are again excluded from the award. For the purpose of operation, however, explicitly non-commercial subsidiaries should also be allowed to be founded. .Eu is currently operated by EURid.

Roblox wants to go public: The computer game provider roblox mod menu wants to go public. The company claims to have submitted the necessary documents in the USA. Details are not yet known, in spring 2020 the company was valued at around $ 4 billion, according to Techcrunch . Roblox offers an editor and sandbox environment geared towards younger gamers.

New craft calculator for children: The Microbit Educational Foundation has released the second version of the small computer after a few years . This receives a microphone and loudspeaker for recording or playing back noises. The Microbit is designed to teach children how to program in a playful way and integrates a low-code block editor from Microsoft.

Roblox wants krnl download to be free.
This is only software that has some value with Roblox community, but we do not know much about it, so we leave it alone.

Expansion for Age of Wonders – Planetfall: The fourth expansion for the strategy game Age of Wonders – Planetfall (Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4) is to be released on November 10, 2020 . The addon is called Star Kings, it offers, among other things, a further faction and new campaigns.

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